AIB has a number of concepts for commercialisation of a range of products to raise awareness of the potential of microalgae. However, those are outlined in separate documentation. The focus for this document is an eco-resort concept for which AIB wishes to gather partners to develop a chain of state-of-the art eco-resorts that will:

  1. Vision: 
  • Showcase low-carbon living, featuring renewable energy technologies and recycling built into every aspect of its design 
  • Showcase paddock-to-plate advanced organic, mainly vertical, farming without pesticides
  • Showcase the potential of microalgae as a source of food and products in the resort
  • Showcase the potential of the cleanest organic farming including plants, aquaculture. (AIB Microalgae will establish itself as being capable of producing the cleanest, purest products on the planet)
  1. Mission
  • Clear descriptive boards next to each activity will teach how and why that activity is being carried out.
  • Become an award-winning tourist destination in each location it is established
  • Every guest will leave the resort with a complete understanding of the potential of low-footprint, low-carbon living as all resort attractions will be beautifully signed and explained. The resort will be an experiential learning opportunity.
  • Schools and unis will be invited to come study.

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