Heal.com The Club

Heal.com has been created to heal both our health and community. The detailed M&A for this health and community assistance movement is being developed. Both the Rotary Club and the Sikh Gurdwaras systems can be adopted.  At the Sikh Gurdwaras, where very large numbers being fed free, key methods and systems can be adopted 
to establish a Health and community assistance club, the name Heal.com is proposed.  The members will be called Healers. They will heal both our health and the community.


The difference between soup kitchens that do an essential service very well and that HealCom will concentrate on serving the healthiest of food. Heal.com will act as a buying club but a buying club with several differences

  1. Each and every member of HealCom will be involved in the activities of the club;
  2. Among several subcommittees, the key sub committees will decide on the science of what is healthy based on independent science, not science paid for by commercial interest;
  3. A quality assurance subcommittee to ensure that products do not have unwanted passengers like pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and such; and
  4. A subcommittee to manage feeding the poor.

Global Initiative

A global movement is proposed so that collectively, each community can do better and be part of a global family. Each member of any club will have the right to visit any other club globally – a true global family.

This movement must be very strictly free of anything that divides humanity like race, gender, religion, cast, nationality and skin colour.


The incentives offered members are central to our twin objectives. The incentives offered will be

  1. Validated health advice on what to take and other actions that are needed like exercise and mental activities. Facilities for these activities will be provided at each club.
  2. Validated best quality products without pesticides and other unwanted add ons.
  3. Members able to buy products below competing retail prices.
  4. Enjoy club facilities and companionship of like-minded people in their local club and internationally.
  5. Get the satisfaction of spending some time in the service of their club helping the community which will knit it together.

Immunity, disease and basics of staying healthy. One clear message from Covid-19 is very loud and clear – our immune system is vital. In a virtual conference in mid May 2020, research scientists agreed that a healthy 65 year old had a better chance of surviving Covid-19 than an unhealthy 45 year old.

In HealCom, each club will have a committee studying, debating and recommending how to improve our immune system. The conclusions of these debates will be shared and with other clubs, the district and with the global HQ, reevaluated and a consensus developed. However, please permit me to give my views on this just to give some perspective. To have a good immune system, one major factor is what we eat. Beyond the immune system, what we eat is also the determinant of diseases we get There are various estimates that the metabolic syndrome (metS), low levels of any of the 47 essentials for life and lack of exercise combined account for an amazing 95% of all internally caused diseases!

There are 47 essentials for life to exist, water, oxygen and the All 45 essentials ingredients we get from food. Low levels of any causes disease, zero means death. The 45 food based essentials are the 9 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 20 minerals and 3 essential oils.

There are hundreds of molecules that improve health but only the 47 mentioned here have been proven to be essential. Also, our body combined with our microbiome is an amazing factory that can make most of the healthy molecules needed if we have the 47 essentials.

The wrong food and lack of activity cause metS and nutrient deficiencies. The percentage varies between countries with the low end of between 20 to 25% in Europe, China and Indonesia and higher in others like India with 30% and the USA about 35% with the UAE having one of the highest rates at about 40%.

In each area, this minority group represents the vast majority of all diseases.

In layman’s terms, metS can be visualised as follows: If I bring in more stuff into my bedroom than I take out every day, there will come a time when it will be difficult to move around in the bed room and it would not be as functional as in the past. A similar effect is experienced in our bodies, our systems and organs get clogged up. That’s why calorie restriction and all the 47 essentials are so important. Please remember that once one has met, the clogging is very bad. Most people without metS will also have some clogging.

In HealCom the health committee is a very important committee which will shift through thousands of sometimes conflicting results from good research that is not funded by commercial interests and come up with simple to follow guidelines. These guidelines could change over time when the committee finds compelling reasons to do so.

Another objective of HealCom will be to enable members to buy clean good food free of all manner of pesticides, antibiotics, growth enhancers and a multitude of other detrimental chemicals.

For this, HealCom’s important quality assurance committee will trace the source of each item the club buys to ensure that members get the best possible products without detrimental add ons. HealCom’s commercial committee will buy products recommended by the health committee and endorsed by the quality assurance committee at wholesale or better prices. Members will be able to buy these products at prices below retail costs.

As an example, an online survey in Malaysia shows the average retail price of Spirulina powder is about 380 ringgit per kg. At wholesale we can buy good quality for about 120 ringgit per kg. If members can buy that from the club at say 250 ringgit per kg, the club makes a margin of 130 ringgit per kg and the members also save 130 ringgit per kg. That margin the club makes can partly fund HealCom’s free food program. A win win situation. Members get low cost best quality products validated for good health while HealCom makes money for its free food program. HealCom’s free food program is the service to the community and helping those who can afford, provides the funds.