Finally clean spirulina is available.


    Spirulina is known to be a very healthy food. This was stated in 1974 by the United Nations which declared spirulina as “The best food for the future”. The UN continues to promote spirulina and has an inter-governmental organisation to promote spirulina. The main concern and the reason spirulina has not become a major main stream food is the microscopic impurities (rubbish) that adhere to the microscopic spirulina in pond grown spirulina. Consider the following:

    1. Current market leading practiseusing conventional open ponds to produce spirulina is unable to remove all the impurities. Currently the world’scleanest pond grown spirulina has to allow a certain level of contaminants despite all the care they take. Among the long list of maximum level of contaminants allowed by them are 150 insect fragments per 50 gm. and 1 rodent hair per 100 gm.The problem this type of pond contamination causes is discussed at http://wellnessmama.com/4738/herb-profile-spirulina/

    2. Algae International is the first producer of spirulina in totally enclosed containers using drinking quality water, sold under the Josens brand. Hence, none of the animal life can get to it or have their droppings pollute the culture. Josens spirulina has a nice freshly cut grass smell and no taste. Josens spirulina is the only spirulina that has this unique quality, no one else has clean spirulina currently. The market potential is many times larger than the current global sales and this can now be realised with clean spirulina being available for the first time.

    3. According to the FAO latest figures which are for 2004, global production of spirulina was about 46,000 tons out of which nearly 42,000 tons were grown in China. Other sources list India as the second largest producer and the USA as the third largest producer. Both the USA and India have insufficient production, so while they do export a little, they import more. The rest of the world has a tiny share of the production. Hence, almost all spirulina sold aside from India and the USA is from China. It is true that all outside processors of spirulina claim the country of processing not the country of farming in their marketing literature.

    4. The holdup in global consumption of spirulina is due to the reluctance of people being rightfully weary of smelly and strange tasting spirulina. It is clear that the message of spirulina’s health benefit is so strong that there is a market despite the smell, taste and cleanliness concern.

    5. Juice bars have been keen to have spirulina added to their drinks but the smell and taste of current spirulina added to the drinks turns customers off. Josens spirulina does not have that problem. There are perhaps over 500,000 juice bars globally, an untapped and large market.

    6. It is now possible to enhance the excellent range of essential ingredients in spirulina by adding suitable ingredients to Josens spirulina to make up all the 45 essential nutrients needed for good human health and wellbeing. No one else has a health bar where the 30 plus essential nutrients of spirulina are enhanced with complementary ingredients so that the health bar has all 45 essential ingredients of health. It is a known fact that if one takes the entire 45 essential nutrients one is much healthier and less likely to fall sick. Lots of attempts to develop this ultimate of health foods have been tried. It has failed on the smell and taste of the spirulina produced in open ponds. Using Josens spirulina, several formulations of health bars have been tested with a limited number of people. The response has been unanimously enthusiastic – all asking “How fast can we get these on a regular basis”.

The addition of spirulina to food bars is only a small beginning. Imagine the potential of all other food sources to improve; breakfast foods, dining establishments adding to lunch and dinner plates, all fast foods becoming more nutritious, all junk foods will no longer be junk but a lot more nutritious.


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